Q: What does it do?
A: Paradigm TV will play media from any web site where the site offers unrestricted access to their content. These sites present a visible link to a media source like a movie, radio station, mp3 file or image. Note that not all sites are that generous (Youtube, Hulu, dailymotion etc. ).

Q: Where is the public content?
A: The WWW is unbelievably huge. Depending on the type of media you want to find it can be pretty tough to absurdly easy. For millions of choices go to the internet archiveFinding adult content is easy (just go to youporn.com. Clicking on their download button reveals 2-3 links you can send to your tv.). Finding free commercial movies is not so easy. If you're looking for images, you can use the image search feature on Google to find themed images (e.g., search for "mountain lakes" or "tropical beaches" or "sexy blondes"). The key to finding media is your favorite search engine.

Q: Is this legal?
A: Yes. Many site builders create sites with tons of free content just so you'll visit. The site builders want you to visit so that you'll see their creations. Often times the sites are ad-laden but often you'll find great content too! When you visit with your laptop, the site builder gets to advertise to you and with Paradigm TV you're able to put that media onto your big screen HD TV. Everybody wins!

Q: Why would I want to use this?
A: Most Smart TV's have only a small amount of storage space. It depends on the model but 2-4 gigabytes isn't even enough for one full length 720p movie. So why waste that space? Leave the media on the web so you'll have your TV storage available for your apps.

Q: How does it work?
A: The browser plugin takes the URL you select via the drop down menu and sends it to your smart TV. Note that the TV can only display media files like videos, image and audio files.

Q: Is it secure?
A: Yes. Your TV uses a 5 digit connection code as a temporary code in the pairing process. This ID has a lifetime of 5 minutes. Once the TV and browser are paired the temporary code is recycled and the connection is assigned a new 32 byte ID. It would take a few centuries to crack your TV's permanent ID.

It is also kept in an essoteric location on your laptop. I.e., its not visible to you or anyone else.

Q: Can I add my own content?
A: Yes. You can add HD video, image or sound files to your own web pages. You can also create your own high resolution slide shows. See the examples page for more detail on how you can do this.